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14 December, 2003  
Grr, okay, school's finally out for a few weeks, so I'm REALLY going to try to update once or twice a week for the next little while.  I've got story here, and I REALLY want to get to some cooler parts of it -- or even ANY parts of it that work together to make a coherent story with more than just jokes...

I'm getting there, but slowly.  Again, Sorry 'bout all that.

Hopefully, I'll get more out at least enough to finish off THIS storyline...  (The current one -- that's right, what we're in IS a storyline, I promise!!!)

9 November, 2003  
Well, so much for regular updates.  All the thanks for today's comic go to Tisa and Jeff, who managed to threaten my life if I didn't update this week! -- Thanks, guys!

I've also managed to become addicted to "Final Fantasy XI"!  It rocks!  Sell your soul to Square Enix!  You know you want to!  ^_^

28 August, 2003  
Updating the interface, expect some more comics soon-ish. (At least one within the week).  I've decided that I have time and energy now, so I can about once a week or so.  So that's my goal.  Here's hoping. ::crosses fingers::

(BTW, Jeff, the fixes should help with your low-res screen.)

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